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Photos and Videos

Here you can share with us what you, your business, or your organization have been doing to contribute to cleaning up the Harbor and its streams and check out the activities of others.

Are you cleaning your neighborhood? Planting trees? Helping to educate your neighbors? All these efforts contribute to making our city cleaner and greener and ultimately to help clean the harbor. Have you installed a rain barrel? Planted a rain garden? Cleaned up an alley? Removed debris from a storm drain? Installed a green roof?

Send us your photos or link to a youtube video and we will feature your work here and on our main page!

Healthy Harbor Documentary...
Healthy Harbor Documentary... _1
Healthy Harbor Student PSA
 Healthy Harbor Student PSA _2
Introduction to Stormwater...
 Introduction to Stormwater... _3
Life in Baltimore's Inner...
 Life in Baltimore's Inner... _4
Healthy Harbor Release Media Coverage
Floating Wetland Installation