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Walking the Talk for Clean Water

March 4, 2013

There are important Bills before City Council and the General Assembly that, if enacted, will make a huge impact on our goal of creating a cleaner future for our neighborhoods, steams, Harbor and Chesapeake Bay.

Stormwater Remediation Fee

We want clean water and we know you do too! But getting there will require a plan and funding.  Last year, State government passed a law requiring municipalities to enact stormwater remediation fees by July 2013. City Council Bill #12-0155 will place a fee on impervious surfaces to fund a stormwater management program in the City. 

Funds generated by this fee will be restricted to projects that improve water quality and fund repairs to Baltimore’s old and failing stormwater pipes.  This will help prevent infrastructure failures like the Monument Street sinkhole, which formed when an old stormwater pipe collapsed this past October. Philadelphia and Washington, DC have already enacted similar programs, as have many other cities and counties around the country.  Though new fees are seldom popular, the time has come to take more serious steps towards cleaning up our City and its waterways. Learn more at and contact your city council member today to show your support!  

Statewide Container Recycling Incentive Program or “Bottle Bill”

Plastic bottles – they litter our streets and parks and then winds and rains transport them into our streams and Harbor.  Literally thousands of bottles end up in the Harbor every year where they wash up on the shorelines of neighborhoods like Canton and Cherry Hill.  However, if the General Assembly passes HB1085 and SB641 this year, these bottles will become an asset, rather than a nuisance. 

A “bottle bill” will create a container deposit system for Maryland, which will create an incentive for recycling and raise money that can be invested into our schools and cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. Read the report Waterfront Partnership commissioned last year, which shows the value of similar bottle programs in ten states across the country and contact your elected officials today to show your support!

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