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First Clean Water Community Plans Released!

Cheryl Casciani from the Baltimore Community Foundation facilitates as communites present their plans to representatives from Baltimore City.

October 31, 2012

A major goal of the Healthy Harbor Plan is for each neighborhood in Baltimore to prepare a Clean Water Community Plan.  These plans explain what each community is currently doing to improve water quality and help the community identify priority projects that they would like to undertake in the near future.

On Monday, October 22nd, 2012, the first four communities celebrated the completion of their Clean Water Community Plans by presenting their work to representatives from Baltimore City government, businesses, and nonprofits.  Representatives were on hand from the neighborhoods of Sharp Leadenhall, Reservoir Hill, McElderry Park, and Greenmount West.  Audience members were there to celebrate these neighborhoods, but also to listen and discuss ways they could contribute to priority projects highlighted in the Clean Water Community Plans (available below).

During one memorable exchange, Val Ukwuoma, bureau head for Baltimore City Department of Solid Waste, made a commitment to pick up trash weekly from newly installed corner trash cans, for which Greenmount West had secured funding, but were hesitant to install without knowing who would maintain them.

Deputy Chief Bob Maloney committed to hosting a CitiStat meeting in which neighborhood stakeholders would have the opportunity to discuss their concerns regarding illegal dumping and code enforcement with representatives from the City's Department of Public Works, Code Enforcement, and 311.

Flooding along Race Street, in the Sharp Leadenhall neighborhood, was a major concern for Betty Bland-Thomas of the South Baltimore Partnership.  The street has been long closed due to sinkholes, and clogged storm drains cause rain water to backup into the basements of homes and businesses.  During facilitated conversation, Bland-Thomas learned for the first time the true nature of the problem - aging stormwater infrastructure collapsing under the road - and Kim Burgess, Director of the division of Surface Water Management, pledged that the street would be repaired and reopened in 2013.

Overall themes from the neighborhood presentations included the need for more trees in expanded pits with a commitment for a prolonged tree maintenance program; easier access to trash bags and dumpster roll offs in support of community clean ups; and the need for more corner trash cans and improved code enforcement.

You can check out the newly completed Clean Water Community Plans along with the power point presentations given be each neighborhood right here!

Clean Water Community Plans and Presentations

Sharp Leadenhall

Download Presentation
Download Clean Water Community Plan

Greenmount West

Download Presentation
Download Clean Water Community Plan

Reservoir Hill

Download Presentation
Download Clean Water Community Plan

McElderry Park

Download Presentation
Clean Water Community Plan (coming soon!)


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