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Artist simulation of a Healthy Harbor by Biohabitats.

Achieving the goals laid out in the Healthy Harbor plan will require commitments from many agencies, institutions, citizen organizations, and individuals. It requires additional money and more efficient application of existing money and human resources. And it requires a schedule.

The plan lays out a schedule, organized by the three main problems – sewage, trash and stormwater. Actions are displayed according to who would be responsible and whether the action is a short, medium or long term one. The objective is to reach the fishable, swimmable goal by 2020 and then to continue making progress so that goals established by TMDLs and other regulatory mechanisms are achieved by 2030.

The plan also suggests three ways to track implementation progress. The Baltimore Watershed Agreement is one technique to track progress. Action strategies for Healthy Harbor can fit nicely into that agreement. Agencies can also create a “HarborStat” program to track progress on a quarterly basis, similar to what the State has done with BayStat. Finally, a Phase II Harbor Restoration Plan would enable the participants to engage in efforts to restore the entire Harbor all the way to the Key bridge.