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Education and Outreach


We are all polluters to one degree or another. Changing our behavior can go a long way to cleaning our streams and Harbor. However, a lack of public awareness about the problems facing the Harbor is a major obstacle to improving water quality. Recent surveys have found that while the public is aware of water pollution, most citizens do not know how it happened or what to do about it. However, these surveys have also discovered a strong willingness to support a goal to make the Harbor fishable and swimmable.

The Healthy Harbor plan recommends strategies to expand public education and  create broader general public awareness about water quality conditions in the Harbor and its tributary streams. These strategies build on the good work already underway by many schools, non-profit organizations, and agencies.

Strategies include expanded efforts with schools, work on schoolyard greening, getting kids out onto the Harbor and into the streams, expanding the Cleaner, Greener awareness campaign to include clean water, and developing a technique to allow individuals and families to calculate their “stormwater footprint.”