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Healthy Harbor Plan


The Healthy Harbor plan provides a roadmap for cleaning up Baltimore Harbor and the streams leading to the Harbor. A clean Harbor and clean streams will provide opportunities for our residents and area families to enjoy clean water in their neighborhoods. Our network of parks, trails, bikeways and other amenities will be expanded as areas adjacent to our streams and Harbor become even cleaner and more enjoyable. Greener and cleaner neighborhoods will make Baltimore City and Baltimore County more livable for all our citizens.

The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore commissioned this plan because we believe that Baltimoreans deserve a clean and green city. We believe it is good business to restore our water resources and revitalize our city. We are committed to partnering with government, with businesses, with nonprofit organizations, with schools and universities, with places of worship, and with the many neighborhoods that make up our metropolitan area. The Healthy Harbor plan calls on all of us to join the effort, because clearly none of us can do it alone.

Communities connected by water!

Water flows into Baltimore Harbor from three watersheds.  A watershed is an area of land that drains to the same waterway.  Each watershed is made up of streams and storm drains that flow into the Harbor, except for the Direct Harbor watershed which has no streams because they have all been replaced with storm drains.

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  Area (sq miles) Stream Miles Storm Sewer Miles Sanitary Sewer Miles Impervious Cover
Gwynns Falls Watershed 65 107 498 896 29%
Jones Falls Watershed 58 89 365 569 23%
Direct Harbor Watershed 11 0 255 291 57%
Total 134 196 1,118 1,756 29%

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